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About Kenox

About Kenox

Kenox Technology Corporation (KTC) is a privately held Canadian company that owns a patented wastewater treatment technology that utilizes advanced “State-of-the-Art” wet air oxidation (WAO) known as the Kenox Process. The process treats and detoxifies a broad range of industrial effluents containing suspended and dissolved organic contaminants or other oxidizable material. The technology provides a viable alternative to other conventional treatment methods that may be too costly or not suitable. Kenox offers our customers feasibility studies, process design and/or basic engineering packages for the Kenox wastewater treatment process. Skid mounted, transportable or custom built packaged systems for wastewater or sludge treatment plants are also offered through our partnerships with leading international engineering and construction firms.

Where is Kenox from?

Where is Kenox from?

Kenox is a company that is situated in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Working internationally Kenox is well known and is a top contender in the industry!

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What does Kenox do?

Kenox uses a process called Wet Air Oxidation. This is known as the Kenox Process. In doing this process, Kenox treats and detoxifies effluents.